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Allied Preferred-Buyer Partner (APBP) Programme

  /  Allied Preferred-Buyer Partner (APBP) Programme

Allied Preferred-Buyer Partner (APBP) Programme

Get Rewarded For Recommending Your Preferred Buyers!

As an Allied Preferred-Buyer Partners (APBP), you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: an opportunity to engage your preferred buyers on us at our event, and meet new quality buyer potentials from our global sourcing network.

MICE, Association and Corporate buyer recommendations welcomed.

* All preferred buyers will be prioritised for confirmation by the organising committee. Due to COVID travel restrictions, buyers will need to fulfil specific requirements to be hosted at the in-person event in Bangkok.

Buyer registration fee applies for all confirmed hosted buyers.

APBP Benefits

1. APBP Brand Acknowledgement and Exposure

Be listed as an APBP in all relevant event marketing collaterals. This includes logo placements as well as a brand write-up on the IT&CMA and CTW APAC website. To qualify as an APBP, a minimum of 10 eligible new buyers registered via APBP unique link is required.

2. Comprehensive Buyer Hosting Arrangements for the In-Person Event In Bangkok

For the qualified preferred buyers to enjoy the Hosting Arrangement, managed by the IT&CMA and CTW APAC team.

3. Complimentary APBP Participation At Our Exhibition

Minimum confirmation of 20 eligible New Hosted Corporate/Association/MICE Buyers: Get an exhibition space during the event. All display materials are to be provided by the APBP at their own cost.

* Benefits apply to APBP non-exhibitors only

4. One Hosted Space For Your Representative To The In-Person Event In Bangkok*

To attend as an APBP Group Leader. A minimum of 20 confirmed New Hosted Corporate/Association/MICE Buyers by the APBP alongside fulfilled buyer obligation applies. Due to COVID travel restrictions, this benefit applies to representatives who can fulfil travel requirements only.

* Benefits apply to APBP non-exhibitors only

5. Tailor Personalised Experiences For Your Confirmed Hosted Buyers**

As an APBP Exhibitor, choose to host your confirmed hosted buyers on your brand platforms and/or organise brand engagement activities during the in-person event. Applicable for selected arrangements such as flights, hotels, ground transfers, F&B functions, and networking sessions. All experiences and arrangements are at the exhibitor’s expense. Sponsorship investment may also apply.

** Benefits apply to APBP exhibitors only

6. A Unique Buyer Registration Link For Interested APBPs

This unique link tracks all registrations that come through the APBPs recommendation efforts. To fully qualify for APBP benefits, recommended buyers must register via the APBP’s unique link.

Get More Out of IT&CMA and CTW APAC By Being An APBP

For Exhibitors / Sponsors: contact sales.itcma@ttgasia.com
For All Other Interested APBPs: contact buyers.itcma@ttgasia.com