IT & CMA - 2017 Newsletter
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2017 Newsletter

2017 Newsletters

January 2017

Cover Story
"One Of The Best Shows Yet" With 2016 Sponsorships and Engagement Sessions at an All-Time High (
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Other Highlights In This 16pp Edition

  • 2016 Event Delivers On All Fronts  (View Here)
  • 2016 Exhibitors Share Their Rewarding Experience and Benefits  (View Here)
  • 2016 Buyers Tell Us How IT&CMA Has Been Fulfilling For Them  (View Here)
  • 2016 Corporate Travel Managers and Conference Delegates Tell Us How CTW Asia-Pacific Heightened Their Industry Knowledge (View Here)
  • ASEAN MICE Forum Returns For A successful 2nd Year / Associating With The Right Crowd Beyond Business Appointments / CTW Asia-Pacific Breaks New Ground With Purpose-Built Knowledge Hub and Pavillion (View Here)
  • The Benefits of Earning A Captive Audience  (View Here)
  • Video Highlights and One-on-One Interviews  (View Here)
  • On Our Social Media Airwaves (View Here)
  • Our 2016 Sticky Award Winners / Meet Your Winners Who Have Made a "Sticky" Impression (View Here)
  • Register Today, Be Part of IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2017  (View Here)
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