Join Us In Being A #MICECheerleader

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IT&CM Events and TTGmice Be a MICECheerleader Campaign

Join Us In Being A #MICECheerleader

The MICE industry, along with its big brother/sister of #travel, is in desperate need of invigoration.

Real invigoration, once made possible whenever we as a community connected face-to-face.

Until we can come back together again, we believe that an act of gratefulness and appreciation can do wonders in burning our sparks brighter. ONE KIND WORD to someone in your professional network can add a burst of positivity, re-charge their mental health, and even seed greater good in their day that ripples on to bigger social circles.

From 1 September 2021, IT&CM Events and TTGmice will kickstart a month-long movement to cheer on fellow colleagues and professionals on LinkedIn. Here’s how it works:

  • Post an individual message of appreciation or acknowledgement for 3 (or more) professionals in your network, and tag them
  • Recipients of the message are encouraged to return the gesture and do the same for 3 others in their networks
  • Hashtag #MICECheerleader in your posts and tag IT&CM Events and TTGmice

Join us in spreading positivity for each other and be a #MICECheerleader for our community.

We’ll love to hear your stories.

Like this movement? Download one of these banners for your email signature or LinkedIn background image.