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Why Participate

How IT&CMA Buyers (MICE and Luxury Travel) Spend Their Time At The Event
70% Sourcing | 10% Learning | 20% Networking

Who Should Participate

Only Editorial Representatives Are Eligible To Register As Media.

Accepted Bona-Fide Media Industries From Around The World:

Publication Mediums Eligible:

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Enquire About Our Media Affiliate Programme *

Open to MICE, Corporate Travel and Luxury Travel publications from around the world. In exchange for the publication's efforts to promote IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific to readers and their industry network, media affiliates enjoy a variety of pre-event and on-site publicity and acknowledgement as a result of their year long association with the event.

* Acceptance into IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific media affiliate programme is subject to validation, terms and conditions.
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Fees and Entitlements


No fees apply


Hosting Programme

Every year, IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific organisers and host committee host a limited number of international buyers to the event.

In addition to the standard MICE/ Luxury Travel buyer entitlements,

Fully-Hosted Media Receive:

* Terms and conditions apply

As hosting places are limited, the criteria for hosting are stringent and are dependent on several factors including:

All media applicants will be validated for eligibility into the hosting programme.