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2019 Keynote Address

24 September 2019 | 1520 – 1620hrs | World Ballroom A&B, Level 23, BCC

Sustainability - Future Proofing Your Business

Sustainability issues today present challenges for business, government and society that cannot be solved alone. Solving these challenges often require partnerships between private and public sectors and development of multi-stakeholder initiatives and solutions. This keynote explores what is needed for your business to be sustainable, how we can share success and accelerate our ambition to meet the future needs of customers, while at the same time commit to protecting the natural environment. Speakers on the panel will also share their insights on four key topics: Digitizing business for the future, Environmental conservation, Community based tourism, and Investing in sustainable businesses.


  • David Barrett, Sustainability Advocate, MICE Strategist and Hospitality Consultant


  • Richard Jones, Senior Vice President – Investor Relations, Corporate Communication, Sustainability and Head Office HR, Indorama Ventures
  • Marissa Jablonski, USAID FFP Environmental Advisor, USAID Washington DC Office
  • Supawan Teerarat, Senior Vice President – Strategic Business Development and Innovation, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)

Produced by TTGmice’s award winning editors, this is the only conference of its kind dedicated to Asian MICE Cruise. Organised in conjunction with IT&CMA, Asia-Pacific’s leading MICE event, this event is open to all IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific delegates!


0830 – 0855hrs  |  Venue: Pre-function Area outside World Ballroom, Level 23, BCC
Breakfast Reception for Asian MICE Cruise Conference

0900 – 0905hrs  |  Venue: World Ballroom A&B, Level 23, BCC
Asian MICE Cruise Conference Welcome Remarks

Speaker: Darren Ng, Managing Director, TTG Asia Media