A Buyer’s Guide: Evaluation Tips For Your Next MICE Virtual Event

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"A Buyer’s Guide: Evaluation Tips For Your Next MICE Virtual Event"

A Buyer’s Guide: Evaluation Tips For Your Next MICE Virtual Event

The number of industry events vying for attention and participation were already plentiful pre-COVID. With the onset of virtual possibilities, this has led to a real proliferation of choices.

Bearing in mind ongoing travel restrictions, buyers with options of physical shows in their city or neighboring city can enjoy the prospect of engaging in in-person connections. For those without such possibilities, deciding among the bevy of virtual or hybrid options can be mind-boggling. So what can buyers look out for?

Who is attending?

Delegates at the IAPCO booth at IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2019

Business events are excellent opportunities to meet experienced MICE destinations and suppliers, professionals and other like-minded delegates to boost your network of contacts and invigorate relationship building as a community.

A glance at leading MICE business events destinations and brands in attendance, the event’s attending buyer profile (like this one at the upcoming IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2021 virtual) as well as associations supporting the show are a good indication of the delegate networks you can look forward to garnering during your time there.

Interesting programme highlights and experience

Broad objectives of participating at business events have remained largely the same pre-COVID and the way forward. Networking is an essential component to tick-off and is more critical now with major personnel changes having taken place throughout the industry. Knowledge learning and business meets are also a priority for many to stay in trend with ever-changing insights and perspectives, and keep collaboration conversations relevant as recovery outlook remains optimistic.

Observing the event’s programme highlights would reveal the variety of activities and event experience that would cater to one of your many objectives of attending. For example, buyers at IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific’s 2021 virtual will have plenty to choose from.

First, the show is debuting a new 3D mode virtual exhibition at the center of a visual and immersive experience, accessible anytime during the 3-day event, 24/7 round the clock.

Those who place emphasis on business meetings are offered 3 different ways to optimise connections with destinations and suppliers one-on-one, made possible by OnAIR by EventsAIR’s virtual platform. These are, Mutual request Scheduled Meet (SM) slots, Unlimited Walk-in Meets (WM) and anytime Meeting Hub access.

This year, the event also newly incorporated 50% more optional bonus SM slots at timings that enhance meeting opportunities for delegates based outside the Asia-Pacific region. This brings the total number of SM slots to 36, up from 24.

Content and networking sessions include MICE and Corporate Travel knowledge panels helmed by supporting associations and partners, Brand Showcase Presentations spotlighting featured exhibitors, Buyer Procurement Showcases that highlights purchasing requirements by attending buyers, Mini Roadshows featuring select brands, Live Hosted Sessions by event sponsors and Networking Conversations.

Gamification has also been built into the event experience, adding a level of competitive gist that rewards the most active and genuine buyers.

Check out some of these exciting event experience and exposure opportunities that took place at IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2020 virtual, with many segments returning at the 2021 virtual edition.

Screenshot of quiz with MEET TAIWAN at IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2020 virtual event

Flexibility for attendees

With the rise of virtual events, organisers have the added challenge of keeping the audience engaged remotely. Online attendees are often faced with endless distractions juggling time spent at the event and work priorities, and are always just one click away from leaving the event.

A balanced combination of on-demand and live sessions provide flexibility to consume non-time-sensitive yet useful content in your own time, while driving deeper engagement of meaningful online networking experiences akin to in-person events.

IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2021 virtual offers just that with knowledge sessions and presentations available on-demand from the first day of the show. Engaging and interactive sessions include the business scheduled meets, mini-roadshows, live hosted sessions and networking conversations that are spaced efficiently over the 3-day event to keep interests and attendance high.

Events that reward you for your time

Just attending a good MICE event leads to many benefits in itself like an enhanced network of industry peers and thought-leaders, and an updated outlook of industry trends. But how do you choose those that are worth your time? The ones that provide incentives, especially cash rewards, are the ones to mark in your calendar.

While your genuineness in attending business events to explore collaboration, procurement and sourcing leads is fundamental in establishing your reputation as a quality buyer, events that offer perks for your time shouldn’t be missed. Everyone can do with some extra cash and prizes right?

IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific has found success in getting confirmed buyers committed by offering the industry’s only cash-centric incentive scheme that rewards a buyer’s time and active participation during the event.

Buyers can earn substantial incentives by completing at least 10 SMs to take advantage of the achievement bonuses on top of the cash amount that accompanies each completed SM. Those who secure their SM appointments early (and complete them) are also eligible for cash bonuses.

Those that truly immerse themselves in all available programme activities are in good standing to win prizes should they emerge amongst the top of our leaderboard buyers.

IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2021 Virtual Buyer Participation Scheme Highlights and Rewards

There are plenty of exciting virtual events to choose from but one to look out for that checks all the above boxes is the upcoming IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2021 virtual, Asia’s leading MICE and Corporate Travel event, taking place from 28 to 30 September.

If you are an interested buyer, be sure to register now to enjoy all the above benefits mentioned. Learn more about the event programme and buyer participation here.